Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

You can start for free and then upgrade to our paid plans once you're ready.

What can I build?

You can use Mottle to build any kind of knowledge chatbot. For example, an FAQ bot, a customer support bot, a bot that's an expert on a particular topic, or even a bot that reads your journal and can answer questions as though it's you. See more bot ideas.

What are the conditions of the free account?

You can create a bot with up to 500 snippets (one snippet is up to 450 OpenAI "tokens" — which is approx 1,800 characters of English text). If you don't use your bot within any 7 day period, it will be automatically deleted.

Do I need an OpenAI API Key?

No. However you have the option of providing one and certain advanced features may require it.

Will OpenAI see my documents?

Yes. OpenAI will see all the documents you upload to Mottle as we use their embedding and completion APIs to generate the bot responses.

What is OpenAI's data retention policy?

OpenAI recently stated (March 2023) that they won't use any data passed to it via the API for training purposes. Furthermore they will delete all query data after 30 days. However, please do your own research and refer to the OpenAI website for the most up to date information.

Should I upload confidential documents to Mottle?

This is up to you, but do so at your own risk. Be aware however that your documents will be stored on our servers (Google Cloud & Pinecone) and will be passed to OpenAI.

Where can I find your documentation?

You can find our documentation on our documentation site.

What is a "snippet"?

A snippet is a piece of text that you can use to train your bot. For example, you might have a snippet explaining your refund policy. At this time a snippet can be up to 450 OpenAI "tokens" — which is approx 1,800 characters of English text.

Can I delete my bot after testing?

Yes, on the Settings page you can choose to delete your bot as required. This will automatically create a new blank bot for you.

When will you add [x] feature?

We're working hard to add new features to Mottle. If you have a feature request, please submit it here.